EP #5 – Are Heat Pumps The Future Of The Gas Industry?

by | Apr 3, 2024


On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Mark Krull from Logic4Training to talk all about heat pumps. 

Heat pumps (and the CHMM) have had their fair share of controversy in the installer world. But where can installers expect to see the industry headed in the coming years?

Tune in to learn all about the different training options out there, what the future holds for gas engineers, whether heat pumps are viable in the first place, and lots more.


Listen to the episode:


  • Logic4Training started in 2002 and provides training courses for building, gas, electrical renewable, and other industries. (1:00)
Problems with the industry
  • Is the demand going to go up and down? Mark suggests it’s stabilised now and there will continually be more development. (4:04)
  • When the feed-in tariff ended in 2011, this was because they did not address cost changes within the industry. This has changed and should be more steady with heat pumps. (5:30)
  • Heat pumps could have taken off years ago but political issues caused skepticism and instability. (9:40, 10:40)
Future of the gas industry
  • It’s not going anywhere for the forseeable future. There’s still lots gas boilers being intsalled and these will all need servicing and decommissioning. (7:48)
  • It will become the norm for gas installers to provide the option for heat pumps side by side with boilers. (13:36)
Government’s goals
  • On the 600,000 heat pump installations per year target. (12:27)
Heat pumps in older properties & UK homes in specific
  • Some problems with properties, but primarily around the insulation and energy efficiency levels. Mark describes a simple and easy test for whether a heat pump is viable – which even the customer can do. (17:02)
  • UK homes do have their own set of needs and requirements when it comes to heating, mostly centred around space. (28:12)
A period of transition
  • Boiler manufacturers are not the enemy, and there should be steps taken in the process. This will provide a supportive environment for them to invest in R&D and UK made boilers for UK homes. (27:25)
  • Old boilers being taken out still require a Gas Safe Registered engineer. (35:48)
  • The best people to deliver change and provide the option for heat pumps are gas installers. (36:20)
Heat pump training
  • Everyone should learn about it now, and preferably get trained. This provides options and means you can do things in your own time. (38:03)
  • Training courses are great, but also go to your preferred manufacturers for more specific information about their kits. (39:35)
  • It’s a very easy qualification to get if you’re already a heating engineer. (40:50)
  • Grants are available, up to about £500. (41:40)
  • MCS is being restructured to be less of a burden for sole traders and small companies. (43:50)
  • It can be highly profitable to install heat pumps. (49:07)
  • If you start now, you can get used to the quoting, designing, and selling part of the process. You could even experiment with it in your own house (practice what you preach). (51:45)