Thinking of going off the tools? According to Josh King from KK Electrical, it’s best to let things happen organically. This week’s episode features his story and how he went from a sub-contractor to a busisness owner managing a team of 20+. 

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  • Joshua talks about his company, KK Electrical, and his background. Currently has a team of around 15-20 people, including contractors. (1:00)
  • For young people looking at career paths – Joshua goes through the different options he considered. (1:46)
  • KK Electrical does Cat A and Cat B electrical jobs for offices etc. (3:07)
  • Joshua has 7 people working directly for him, with a few apprentices on the way. Apprenticeships are hard to find, and it’s important to provide young people this opportunity. (3:56)
  • Apprenticeships are not about the money, but the experience. (4:58)
Going from an apprentice to business owner
  • Joshua started his journey as a contractor, building up contacts and names within the industry. (6:33)
  • Eventually, he started getting more contracts, speaking to more people. “It’s who you know in this game.” (8:41)
  • You should always ask as many questions as you can to learn, and not be prideful. (21:02)
  • A lot of people are scared of running a business, but you can start small. Within his first year, he wasn’t making much money but reinvesting it all into the business. (30:09)
Finding sub-contractors & building a company culture
  • A lot of sub-contractors contact Joshua, but it’s hard to find and trust the right people. (10:09)
  • Most of the people he hires are recommendations & friends. It’s important to make an effort to look after each other in the company. (10:54)
  • Sub-contractors are sometimes seen as not part of the team – but it’s always good to make them feel included. It makes them  happier and work better. (11:44)
  • Sub-contractors don’t have to be the most experienced, but it’s more about the right mindset & willingness to learn. (13:11)
  • Even for sub-contractors, it’s a good idea to keep them around and busy when a contract ends. (15:09)
  • Most of the time, people prefer apprentices than NVQ level 3. (25:55)
Going off the tools
  • Josh is mainly off the tools now, with site managers he can trust and delegate to. (17:51)
  • His transition going off the tools was organic.  (19:30) You should let things happen organically, and not rush into things. (35:30)
  • Moving from CIS to Gross Status meant extra flexibility. (20:06)
Getting more work
  • Joshua walks through his strategy of getting jobs. Companies don’t really want to work for agencies because they’re not as accountable. (24:45)
  • Issues can be fixed, and it’s all about long-lasting relationships & referrals. (27:45)
  • You should always take pride in your work and do your absolute best. It’s not about speed, but quality. Over time, you get faster. (28:52)