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Professional Services

API Integration

The Field Rocket API can create a communication bridge between your apps, internal systems and platforms.

With Field Rocket API calls, you can pass collected field data back to your existing enterprise IT infrastructure, CRM or any existing management tools you have in place.

Field Rocket collaborates your systems and empowers your teams to deliver their best work efficiently.

Custom Development

Custom Forms

We can digitise existing paper forms or create new ones for your company.
We can also customise any of the existing certificates, records or forms on Field Rocket Software.
We can change any part of the form to fit in with your business requirements.

Custom PDF Layout

If you need a precise layout on your forms, we can provide pixel perfect custom PDF designs for you.

This is especially useful if you need to provide documents for government bodies or other third parties where you are required to digitise existing legal forms.

Custom Workflows

Field Rocket experts can convert even the most complex workflows into easy to use, functional designs to impact your teams’ efficiency and business’s bottom line.

Custom Analytics and Reports

We can create custom Dashboards to enable your teams to understand your operations and lower risks within your business.

We can also match any exacting business or compliance reporting for management teams or external clients.

Cloud Hosting

FieldRocket SaaS (Software as a Service) is the most common option as it is fast and easy to implement, very easy to upgrade with new software updates, convenient and cost effective for companies.


We are aware that the cloud hosting doesn’t suit every project. If your project requires self-hosting on your premises, FieldRocket self-hosting solution will provide full access to your software while containing it within your organisation’s infrastructure.

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