EP #3 – Growing A Heating Business

by | Mar 14, 2024


In the third episode of the FieldRocket Podcast, we’re joined by Alexa Macarthur from blueglo. Alexa is a director at the company and has had great success over the years managing a team of 35 (and growing).

Tune in and learn more about the process of growing a business, whether that be keeping quality up to hiring new staff and managing customer expectations.

Listen to the episode:


Alexa’s & blueglo’s background
  • Background was quite varied, about 10 years fell into an admin job (0:58)
  • In about 2019, blueglo was struggling – Alexa stepped in and merged as a director (2:20)
  • The history of blueglo as a company (3:00)
  • Diversifying the business into controls & more (4:50)
  • How this plays with the direction of the industry and heading towards renewables (6:00)
The complexity of running a business
  • There wasn’t a conscious decision to grow the brand, but more of a reaction to demand (8:20)
  • On the topic of offering a range of different services, keeping everything inhouse rather than outsourcing (9:45)
  • Staff are always going to be a challenge running a business – with scheduling, reputation, and management (13:45)
  • Each of the four directors have distinct roles, and are set up in a way they can successfully run the business (16:24)
  • blueglo haven’t changed pricing in quite a while as a concious decision to the cost of living crisis etc. (20:41)
  • On hiring – if any decent person comes your way, you snap them up regardless, as long as you can (22:00)
  • When looking to hire people, you also need to look at how they’ll fit into your company culture (23:42)
Maintaining quality
  • Their admin staff are trained to communicate well and keep on top of all deliverables (18:20)
  • There are problems at times, but you have to learn to deal with expectations – especially in winter times since they’re a heating business (19:43)
  • Every department will have a certain person in mind for the job to offer the best quality, which plays a role in scheduling too (28:02)
Heat pumps
  • Heat pumps are not necessarily suitable for all the different types of properties, despite the government push (11:22)