Everything you need to Save Time, Increase Efficiency & Boost Profits

Transform Your Operations With Fast, Efficient, Profitable and Reliable Mobile Data Collection

More Accurate Data

  • Consistent and Accurate data every time.
  • No incomplete, missing or unreadable paperwork.
  • Capture the Time and know exactly when each job is completed.
  • Use required fields and validation to ensure compliance and minimise errors.
  • Your field team will always have the right forms at the right time.

Real Time Access to Your Data

  • Never wait for Forms, Information or Reports from the field team.
  • No more delivering paper forms to the office.
  • No delays, or duplication of data entry, from paper to your systems.
  • Instant access to your current and historical data.
  • Save hours of time per employee.
  • Increase Efficiency across your teams.
  • Increase Return per employee.
  • Increase Productivity.

Pre-Built Industry Standard Forms and Certificates

Take advantage of over 100 pre-built industry standard forms and certificates. Create a full range of stunning Electrical, Gas, Oil, Fire, Renewable Energy, Solid Fuel and Biomass, Plumbing and many more Certificates and Records on pixel perfect PDFs.

Custom Dashboard and Reports

  • Business insights in seconds for selected people.
  • Monitor and Analyse collected data with easy to use online reports.
  • Easily see what is working and what is not.
  • Catch possible issues before they become a problem.
  • No more waiting to create or receive reports at the end of the day.
  • Web portal for your office teams to create, prepare, check or view forms .

Custom Automated Workflows

  • Simplify workflows and decrease the amount of time each project takes.
  • Control the flow of information and automate the steps.
  • Customise workflows and guide your teams with inbuilt notifications and messages.
  • Never duplicate any processes.

Integration With Your Existing Systems

  • Never duplicate any data or information between your systems.
  • Connect and integrate systems directly with API calls.
  • No need to change the way your company or employees work.
  • Save hours of time with integrations to any systems.
  • No need to spend extra time training your staff.

Offline Data Collection

Collect Data On Site, With or Without connectivity. Data is stored on your device and synced when it’s re-connected to the network.

Collect Rich Data Quickly and Easily

Secure Database & Backups

Your data is protected with bank level encryption. We can restore data to any second in the last 2 weeks or to any day in the last 12 months.

Use on Multiple Devices

Apps can be used on 3 devices per user. Can be used on iPads, iPhones, Android phones or Android tablets.

Multiple Platforms

Can be used on any iOS, Android, PC or Mac Devices.

UK Based Support

UK based phone and email support.

Advanced User Permissions

Manage teams and roles with user permissions and groups. Give management more control on collected data. Give your teams only the access they need. Control who can see what on the system.

Parent – Child Records

With “Parent-Child” data organisation, you can easily link information, such as Locations to Teams or Customers, Teams to Managers, Managers to Regional, Area or District Managers.

Access Data Anywhere

Your field team will always have the right forms at the right time, online or offline. Your management team can reach everything they need, even if they are not in the office, via our web portal.

Secure Cloud Storage

No Need for filing cabinets, systems or storage spaces for paper records. Get instant access to your history data without spending hours on manual search. Save hours in administration time.

Custom Mobile Forms

We can create custom mobile forms quickly and easily – specifically for your company. Increase efficiency and decrease training costs with digitising existing certificates, records and forms.

Time Stamps

With time stamps, you will know and be able track exactly when data was collected.

Capture Electronic Signatures

Capture signatures from Clients, Inspectors or from Managers on the go.

Media – Photos and Sketches

Don’t just describe it – Show it. Field teams can take photos and draw sketches on them for visual evidence, to demonstrate and document issues.

Brand Your Forms and Reports

You can upload your company or department logos on your Forms and Reports to make your brand stand out.

Global Data

Manage and import global lookup and pick lists central. Add and access these data sources via the forms.

Data Share

Connect with live data links with 3rd party programmes to access live real time data.

Go Paperless and Convert Your Paper Forms and Certificates into Digital Forms.